Add a photo to a TER post

When you are creating a post on TER, and want to add a photo, scroll down towards the bottom.

There you will see an area to add information which tells TER where the photo is located.

Go to the page on Apropo which has the photo of the girl you want to add.

Point to the photo with the cursor, and THEN right click the mouse button.

A small dialogue box pops up.

Choose the 1st item "Open image in new tab" and click on that.

A new page opens with JUST that one photo in it.

Notice the url address in the top portion:

This is the info TER needs.

You will highlight that info with the cursor,
and then copy it to the computers memory
by pressing the "Ctrl" key and "C" at the same time.
(make sure that location in the top bar is still highlighted)

After you copied that information go back to the tab with the TER page and the post you are creating.

Put the cursor into the field called "Picture URL" and click in it to activate that field.

With the cursor now in that field, press the "Ctrl" key and "V" at the same time.

The address of the actual photo that you just copied will now be placed into that field.

That should be it.......

It seems you can only place 1 photo in a post.

Be careful
TER only allows you to edit a post a few minutes after you make it before it's permanent.